30k in a Day Challenge

  • 30,000' in a Day Challenge

    Now and then you gotta mix things up so you can step up your game. Feb 28th 2015 is such a day. Come join your mountain bike buddies for the Mt Wilson MTB Adventure 30,000' in one-day challenge. Imagine, lapping Wintercreek, Sturtevant, The Rim Trail and Gabrielino until you reach the 30,000' of elevation loss in a single day. We tried it in 2014 but fell short by a measly 2,000'. Things will be different in 2015. 30,000 is a milestone that MUST fall! Will you be part of the team that does it?


    The Plan

    The day kicks off in Arcadia for a Darkside pickup at 7:30AM. Vehicles wheel's start rolling at 7:35. Once rolling, we will not stop until the crew achieves 30,000' in elevation loss for the day. Since the Darkside runs are about 5000' each lap, we estimate six runs ought to do it.


    After two runs, we will probably do some of the runs from the top: Christian Camp and Charlton Flats at Silver Mocassin to add a little variety.


    Each van will have sandwiches, water and electrolyte powder so riders can stay powered up the whole day. The event will finish up in the late evening - you will need about 4 hours of lights. You will be able to charge them between runs. Bring extra batteries just in case.
    The key to achieving this goal is pacing and equipment management. Flatting and other mechanicals are not encouraged. Make sure you have new or new enough kit to get your through the ride.


    With the milestone met, we will drag ourselves to Lucky Baldwins to celebrate. That first beer is gonna taste oh so good! If we reach the milestone, Chris tells me he will get the first round!



    Bring kit to get you through 50 or miles of downhill riding. If you have special dietary needs/constraints, bring it or let us know. Mt Wilson MTB Adventures will supply sandwiches, water and powdered Propel (electrolytes). Bring your lights. Consider bringing several changes of clothes to address changing climate conditions and to ensure your clothes are comfortable.


    A normal Darkside run costs $20/run/rider or $120. Mt Wilson MTB Adventure and SCOA Shuttle are gonna team together to get the price to $80/rider with food and water. Want in?



    This ride is open only to riders who can carve out time for the entire. Your buy-in is $80. If you want a single run, we will offer the Dawn Patrol as the only single run event for the day. We run rain or shine. We have 6 committed already. We are looking for at least six more. Finally, like always, we do not do refunds. We will ensure resources are on hand to achieve the goal. Make damn sure you can spare the time before joining the event >Attening.

    RSVP to Event - http://scoaoutdoors.net/event/15824