• All Inclusive MTBing

    Posted March 13, 2019

    All InclusiveDo you ever wish you could "get away" and just ride, eat, sleep, and repeat for a few days?  This spring - we have you covered.  Join us on April 25, 26, 27, and 28th.   When you arrive on the 25th, we will take care of everything - fo...

  • Trail Work Sunday

    Posted March 13, 2019

      This winter has been something else weatherwise.  It is a blessing and a curse - right?   Our water reservoirs are full and ready to serve our communities.  Our trails have taken a beating.  The optimists point out, the new features in o...

  • MWBA Annual Meeting Saturday

    Posted February 7, 2019

    MWBA Annual Meeting Saturday After your ride Saturday, come join us for MWBA;s Annual Membership.  MWBA Annual Membership Meeting is FEB 9th! Come join us at Àbloc to hear about 2018 and our EXCITING PLANS for 2019!  Not only will they catch you up...

  • Sunshine and shuttles - finally!

    Posted February 7, 2019

    Sunshine and shuttles - finally! Finally some sunshine!  Where you can see the ground the tackiness is amazing.  You may have to ride off the top a little as there is quite a bit of snow on top. Since many of you like the snow, we will be running from JPL...

  • Foes x Mt Wilson MTB Adventure

    Posted December 9, 2015

    Foes Racing USA and Mt Wilson MTB Adventure (SCOA Shuttle) are proud to announce this season's Enduro Day collaboration. The collaboration entails a series of fun mountain bike enduro rides starting mid-December 2015 and extending to April, just before Sea Otter 201...

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Friday Friday Friday

  • alt

    Where has the week gone?!

    Friday is here. The weather is here. You ready to get your play on?

    Yesterday morning we had an incredible ride at the Cheeze ~ just off of Chesbro Road. Many of you have been askin' about beginner rides - that is a perfect place for beginners.

    This morning we did Sullivan's Canyon. I never get tired of this place. Sheryl joined us on dawn patrol. She rode from the parking lot off of Westgate to the Old Missile Battery. It is a perfect ride for those of you who would like to get a ride in before work. We are usually done by 7:30AM.


    Thank you thank you thank you to those who have taken the survey!

    For those of you who haven't please do. It helps us put together more amazing events for you to participate in. It also helps us design a better online experience for you. . .

    Yep, you heard me - a New and Improved Website. Based on the comments we got off of the survey, you would like a place to upload video, pictures and make comments. You would also like it to be easy to stay in touch with your friends and "family". How about a way to Chat and stay in touch with your friends during the day? . .

    Stay tuned!

    Gotta Eat on the Go

    Okay, you’re out and about and all you have is a fast food choice. You’re starving and you know your blood sugar is dropping. What’s a good choice? Fortunately, fast food places have taken note of our changing food habits and chosen to accommodate. Choose wisely and make the best choice possible – READ the dietary info to be sure. My favorite, McDonald’s or Burger King Chicken tenders, low fat milk, apple slices. You have to be careful though – did you know an Aloha Pineapple Jamba Juice (30oz) had more sugar than a banana split?

    Blog your favorite on the go foods at:


    wasting time with crunches. You cannotspot reduce your body parts. Putting you into smaller clothes is going to take an approach that uses the following:hi-intensity circuit-style exercise that uses multiple muscle groupsshorter rounds of hi-intensity cardioputting less food in your faceYou have to burn more calories than you're putting into your body to take inchesoff...and yes, you do need the muscle tohelp you continue to burn fat.

    Need some direction?

    Try this Tabata Circuit. 30 seconds of eachexercise pair for 4 rounds.

    Squats :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    Pushups :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    Hip Lifts :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    Dumbbell Rows :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    Side Bridge :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    Cardio - needs to be around a level 7-8
    on a 1-10 difficulty scale. Choose whatever
    you enjoy but remember this...

    please for the love of all things holy switch tosomething completelytotally100% differentevery 2 weeks.

    If you run then box. Ride bikes? Grab a jump rope.For you elliptical lovers, go for a swim.Switch it up.

    Cheering you on to flatter stomachs,

    Ethan, John, and Albert

    -- Good to Go Fitness, LLC.19235 Ventura BoulevardTarzana, Ca 91356818/745/6019GoodToGoFitness.comIt's YOUR Turn


    Hiking and Climbing MT. Tom


    Bikes, blades and beer



    Saturday - can you hang quadruple Whammy!

    Water Skiing/Wake Boarding




    Rock, Climbing and Belay Class


    Climb on your own - because you can


    Laguna Beach Sea Kayaking


    [img] [/img]


    Santa Cruz Island Day Sea Kayak Expedition





    You asked for more social events and cheap or Free!

    Hump Day Happy Hour at Sharkeez Manhattan Beach Did someone say "free appetizers and 2 for 1 drinks!


    Stroll and Savor in Belmont Shore, Long Beach


    $1 gets you free drinks @ the Mountain Bar 6PM - 7PM



    Every Thursday this summer come join us at the Santa Monica Pier


    Now turn off the computer and get outside!
    The SCOA-Licious Crew alt