Striding out the Summer

  • Striding Out the Adventure Summer

    with Chris Ashford

    SCOA Time!

    This has been an incredible summer for me. We have been sea kayaking scuba diving, mountain biking like Sam Farmer, canyoneering, horse back riding and backpacking - we are not done yet! Abalones come back in season, some of you are looking to speak fish and the snow glaciers of Mount Hood beckon a pre-season ski and snowboard trip in October! Stay tuned.

    When Brian approached me about a 'survival class' I was skeptical. The last time I did survival it was Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape. I had the pleasure of doing it twice, once as a cadet and then as an officer. It takes a special person to want to expose themselves to Mother Nature and learn from her in her elements. Doing it for the service of one's country is one thing paying for it - is another.

    20 of your are special indeed, signing up for Man vs. Wild in September. It took less than a week to fill out the class. Ironically, the 10 of you that requested the class didn't even make the waiting list! So our SCOA Adventurers are ready to step up their game - eh?

    After the class filled up, Sam Wellman, your nutrition connection and I put our heads together. How could we "stretch" our adventure envelopes without tearing it. After a couple of calls to our extended network one name kept coming up Mickey Grossman.

    A former IDF Special Forces and survival expert Mickey Grosman is the "go to man" of Eco Planet Adventures. We exchanged some ideas put together some plans and it is on - we are going to Ecuador in 2010! In turn, he and some of his crew will be coming out and going on an Optical Edge Adventures this year and next.

    For many of you 12 days in the jungle with no downturn service, is out of the question. For those of you who are intrigued - come join us 26 August for a virtual meet and greet with Mickey Grossman. There will be free drinks, videos and live conversation. Should the satellite and video deities align we will be streaming live audio and video of the event over the Internet!

    More details to come until then -
    Life Well Played - SCOA!