Big Announcements Today!

  • Big Announcements today!

    They are a long time coming and thanks for our patience! The SCOA T-shirts are in! Yep I have a handful in house (Men - Large and Medium - Ladies). This run we did on plain white American Apparel Ts. We are looking at other colors and types of apparel in future runs. If you'd like one they are $21.43. You can use Paypal or Amazon if you like. Send payment to We will have them in our "store" in the coming week.

    Skydiving just got cheaper! If you are interested in Skydiving later this month check out their website $189 ( Click here to sign up! I see some of ya "talkin' big. So ya wanna solo jump? You can do that too! They have an Accelerated Free Fall Course and a refresher coach on hand if you already have your license. So. Now excuses. Oh and we have 2 more spots in the plane that I am flying from LA to Perris Valley. Arrive in style - eh?!

    Last night Sheryl and I went to the Mountain Bar in China Town. It will be the site of our big Virtual Amazon Adventure next week (click Here for details). The place is groovy - you'll like the decor. Also - they don't open until 7PM so we are rolling the start of the event until 7:30 PM. We highly encourage use of the Metro, it drops you off two big blocks away - 10 minute walk. We have a couple hundred bucks to spend on booze and only a handful of you are signed up. Those that show up are gonna get their groove on! Don't get caught slippin'!

    Video Contest

    Finally, we are going to have a best video of the weekend contest! The winner gets a a free SCOA T-shirt. Only registered users will be able to vote on the videos. What are you waiting for? Signup on the new site and upload your video! We will have details on the contest next week. But know this - it has to be video you shot!

    Another awesome weekend is here!

    Life well Played!
    Brad, Brian, Dario Padilla, Diana Bernal, Helen Leung, Katja, Rosemary Phillips, Stein, Stephen