Hey SoCalMTBers

  • Hey SoCalMTBers!

    It's been awhile since we have done a newsletter - we are back! Obviously we are super excited about the new website and invite you to post pictures and video from your rides and adventures from where ever on the planet you may be! It is simple and free. We want to grow our mtb community and think we have the tools to do that. Don't worry, you can turn off all of the email notifications from the new website. Come and go as you please - there is no requirement to join.

    The process is as easy as remembering your meetup.com user ID and password. Turn your browser to www.SCOUOutdoors.NET for more info.

    After our Specialized and Mt. Pinos event, we started to get some attention from the local reps and a few of the national folks. While it is still some discussion away, we hope to at least be able to do some more demo days - maybe get some club gear on board for group use. It is too soon to get too excited but damn, I am human - I am excited!

    Many of you who like to shoot video know about the Contour HD. It is a beautiful piece of gear, less than a pound and takes amazing video. SoCalMTB has one for a little while and has ordered 2 more for keeps. The idea is that after the ride, especially on the weekends, we can put back a few beers and edit a short video. A community gets closer through regular and meaningful interaction - so bring your camera and lets get on it!

    The shuttle is back - that isn't true - it was never gone. True, with the "tunnel" closure, much of Mt.Wilson is off limits to human travel. Saturday we are doing two runs at Wintercreek and Mt. Wilson for the advanced and intermediate riders. Red Box in both directions are amazing rides and are still open. Hopefully the Mount Wilson Toll Road will re-open soon for beginner mountain bikers. If you are interested in doing any of those rides, drop me a line so we can coordinate. Better yet - sign up! Mount Wilson Shuttle

    Until then, free beers* (until the money runs out) on Wednesday. SCOA - SoCalMTB's sister group, has a sponsored event Wednesday at the Mountain Bar. The Mountain Bar is off the Gold Line in China Town - so no matter where you are it is easy to get in and out of. We will have a bunch of cool video from Eco-Planet Extreme Adventurs running in the background. Also, they will be Skyping in to do some virtual Q&A. Even if you are not interested in going on the adventure you should stop by and check out the video. Oh - you need to RSVP to be eligible for the drinks - http://www.scoaoutdoors.net/userpage.php?page_id=11

    Finally, while the last video on the newsletter is a spot we edited for the travel company, check it out. There is a 12 foot anaconda in it! If you are sensitive to foul language don't watch it. I think Peter Porras might identify with it.

    That is all for now. Roll on!

    Team SoCalMTB - Brian, David Covert - LA Guy Now, Helen Leung, Mark Warrick, Stein