So many choices!

  • MTBing, Bungee Jumping or Surfing - so many choices!

    with Chris Ashford

    A weekend with possibilities

    Mountain bike with the crew at Mammoth, bungee jump at the Bridge to No Where, spear fish at Santa Cruz Island or do paper work. . . Well someone has to make sure we keep getting cool events on the calendar!

    As I type, some of the pictures are in from bungee jumping - they are fantastic. SCOA represent! This event was a long time in the making thanks for following through and jumping. Thanks to Diana for making it happen.

    Thanks for your continued patience with individual email - I haven't gotten back to you all. I encourage you to use the forums and comment sections to get the answers you need.

    More Co-Organizers Needed!

    Are your good at working with large groups and being active? Are you personable? Do you have a skill or a passion you would like to share? Wanna be a Co-Organizer? SCOA is one of the busiest groups in the area. If we had more people to draw on for events - we could be busier!

    All you have to do is be early, courteous and make sure everyone has fun. SCOA will take care of the rest. Interested? Drop me a line

    It took 6 weeks for the new HD helmet camera to come in - but it is here and Brian Petras was gracious enough to let SCOA borrow it. The video picture quality blows away everything else.

    Even better, I no longer have to carry around that 14 lbs. pack anymore. We are expecting a few more cameras to trickle in over the next month or two - so come on out and ride. Beginner and experienced riders wanted. Just in - we are going to ride Wintercreek all day on Saturday (Intermediate and Advanced riders). Check out the video.

    The details are in on SCOA Amazon Jungle Expedition. Every day I get more and more excited about this adventure. While it isn't for everyone, if you seek adventure - we have it. It is one thing to go to a South American resort and sleep in a bed, go zip lining, eat dinner on a table with white linen, river raft and check out the village. . . There ain't no resort. You catch and prepare some of your food. You live and learn the jungle. If it sounds intriguing, come join us Wednesday for free drinks on Wednesday at the Mountain Bar. Only a few of you are signed up - which means more drinks for us! If you cannot make it - no worries - be by your computer and we will stream the video and audio to you. This will be an excellent chance to speak with Mickey - our guide. He and a handful of his crew will be available by speakerphone to fill us in!

    We are flying this weekend too!Click Here

    We hear you some of you all would like some softer adventures. September 26 and 27 we will be in Santa Barbara horse back riding with picnic lunch, wine tasting and taking in an Indian Summer. We still have a few details to work out but please feel free to RSVP yes to let us know of your interest.

    Scuba Diving Catalina on the Mr. "C" Labor Day Weekend is through Pacific Wilderness in San Pedro. It is $110 or so payable to them. When you call ask to speak to Jeff Smith and let him know you are with SCOA.

    What are you doing for New Year's? Fancy cruising the Caribbean on a sailboat hoping from island to island in shorts, tevas and a tank top?

    Life well Played!

    Team SCOA: Brad, Brian, Dario Padilla, Diana Bernal, Helen Leung, Katja, Rosemary Phillips, Stein, Stephen