MTB - Cherry Canyon Access

  • Just got this email from a SCOA mountain biking stalworth.  Not sure if he got it from an email or one of the MTBing forums.  The message is clear, have fun but be courteous and stay on the trail.  The Station Fire has messed things up for all of us.  Please don not excaserbate things by riding off trail - read on. . .

    (Editor's Note)


    Subject: Cherry Cyn. Access Threatened
      Just wanted to share a concern we have.

      With the bulk of the forest closed we have seen a huge increase of riders in Cherry Cyn. Thats cool, I mean we've gotta ride, right?. But sadly there have been riders cutting the trails and riding off trail. Serious damage and erosion is already visible in places. This is pissing off the wrong people off and could result in Cherry Cyn. being closed to bikes!

     I would strongly suggest avoiding the general email blast inviting all and anyone to come ride Cherry Cyn. You should have select responsible groups (High School league and other wise), should stay on the trail and ride respectfully, but the word has got round and we now have irresponsible mountain bikers riding in Cherry Canyon and cutting trails. This must stop!

    When you ride, please share this and make sure that we govern how these trails are used. If you see the misuse of a trail taking place, please educate the poor fools responsible.

    It’s a special gem spot and cutting trails or being rude to hikers will get it closed.

    The Station Fire was and still is a tragic loss, but regardless we must be patient and let the mend run its course.
    Thank you so much, best regards.

    Concerned Cherry Canyon Riders

    Map of Cherry Canyon