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    Hey all you beginning canyoneering folks big update for YOU!

    SCOA is super excited to announce some fanastic canyoneering deals supplied by Amaerican Canyoneering Association.  The American Canyoneering Association is offering SCOA killer deals on canyoneering classes. Starting this weekend in Chatsworth - Technical Canyoneering is for the person who wants to obtain in depth training in the sport of canyoneering. The specific course objectives are listed below. Normally $395 - SCOA members are in for $360 a savings of $35!  For those of you who just want the bare minimum Basics there is a Basic On Rope Skills Worksop normally $135 current SCOA Members pay $120.


    Basic On Rope Skills Workshop

    $135 regularly - $120 for current SCOA members

     This full-day workshop provides students with the personal canyoneering skills and techniques necessary to descend canyons with competent leaders.

    Topics covered are taken from the ACA's Level 1 Skills Checklist including:

        * low impact canyoneering practices
        * equipment selection, use and care
        * knots and hitches
        * climbing, belaying and handlines
        * specialized rappelling techniques
        * adding friction mid-rappel
        * locking off on rappel
        * belaying a rappeller
        * pros and cons of self-belays
        * basic self-rescue

     SCOA canyoneers Tar Creek


    Technical Canyoneering Course


    Regularly $395 - SCOA members are in for $360 a savings of $35!

     The American Canyoneering Association's extremely popular Technical Canyoneering Course has set the standard by which all other canyoneering courses are judged. This course provides students with the anchor, rigging and problem-solving skills and techniques they need to become safe, efficient and independent canyoneers.

    Who should take this course? This course was designed primarily to meet the needs of recreational canyoneers, but also forms the training foundation for those planning to seek certification as a canyon leader or professional canyon guide.

    Topics covered include:

    • canyon topography and rating systems
    • canyoneering style and ethics
    • canyoneering gear selection, use and care
    • climbing, belaying and handlines
    • utilizing transient anchors for belays and hand lines
    • how to evaluate and rig specialized canyoneering anchors and belay systems
    • the importance and proper use of tension-releasing hitches and contingency anchors when rappelling into moving water
    • rappelling and passive lowering systems
    • efficient rope deployment and rigging
    • group dynamics and problem solving
    • pros and cons of using autoblocks or prusiks for self-belay
    • locking off on rappel

    Prerequisite: None

    Lifetime ACA Membership Course includes lifetime membership in the American Canyoneering Association, which entitles you to course retakes, participation in national and international canyon rendezvous and access to our extensive technical canyoneering forums.

    NOTE: Discounts are avaiable for current SCOA members only