Planning for the weekend

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    About this weekend.

    Some really cool events are coming up this weekend that we are really excited about.  If you are interested in attending click on the link, read the description and take action.  If you wait to the last minute, the event will fill up.  Then what will you do?


    Friday we will be chasing taco trucks on the west-side with Christine.  If you have never had a taco out of a truck before you are in for a treat.  Even if you do not like tacos, these are delicious.  Most of the trucks are an asian-mexican fusion.  Of course there is a hot dog truck and even a crepe truck.  If you are looking for flava, cool, animated people, a little walking and refreshing sea breeze this is the event for you.  Bring cash for the trucks. Sign up
    Taco truck munching

    Saturday at Latitude: 37.8308 Longitude: -119.471 8 brave SCOA souls will be camping and climbing.  We are talking about at Tuolomne rock climber's and nature lover's nirvana.  Wanna go?  If you haven't already RSVPed you'll have to wait until next year as this event is full.  Here is what you'll be missing: climbing.   'nuff said.  Sign Up

    Okay so maybe rock climbing isn't your gig, how about a leisurely bike ride through Los Angeles with BBB's "Chris" (not to be confused with SCOA Chris)?  While not a SCOA event, we wanted to bring it to your attention.  Chris takes fantastic photos and has a unique perspective on architecture, light, and people that he will share with you.  If you like riding your bicycle and are curious about Highland Park, Pasadena and Eagle Rock consider signing up.  Take your camera!  Sign Up

    Need some single-track pedal time?  SCOA's Stein is leading the "Backbone From Encinal Cyn Rd to Corral Cyn Rd RT" ride.  Get this, 22 miles of X-C pedaling single-track.  For mountain bikers, it is like having your cake and eating it with ice cream - it's yummy.   This is not a first timer's ride though.  Even the seasoned rider should take pause at this one.  If you like to ride this is not-to-be missed.  Sign Up


    Sunday we are heading out to Catalina on the Bottom Scratcher for some kelp forest scuba diving.  The boat is almost full but check with the Jeff at Pacific Wilderness to be sure.  Many people poo poo Pacific water diving.  Like everything else, if you have the right gear, scuba diving kelp forests and taking in the diverse bio systems is out of this world.  We have many clients who scuba dive every weekend all year long.  Sign Up

    TahquitzI spoke with Shaun who did the Oil Rig Dive with Pacific Wilderness a few weekends back, he was blown away by the people the visibility, the things in the water and the crew. 

    Whew. . . Most of these activities are free or very inexpensive but they require some planning.  If you are interested - start planning now.  Typically events like these fill up well before the weekend - git on it :-)

    Also - take a look at the activity calendar.  It is updated with events from Santa Barbara to San Diego e v e r y d a y.

    SCOA Life well Played!

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