How to post pictures during taco truck hunt

  • Phone PhotosTonight is going to be a blast!  Looking through my Twitter account there should be 8-10 trucks on Abbot Kenny tonight - krazy fun.

    Why not share your photos with everyone who couldn't be there in real-time?

    Click to enlarge photos

    1) First you will need to register with or SCOA.  The easiest way is to point your browser at : and use your favorite Social Networking credintials  to create an account.  Click on your favorite network, login in and 30 seconds later you have an account!

    Login Page 2) The system will send you a verification email to the email account assocaited with the social networking account you chose.  You will need to open that email and click on the link contained within. 

    3) Next, RSVP to the taco truck event.  To do that you can find the event in the Activity Calendar or click here.

    Find the MY RSVP section on the left hand side of the page.  Click the 'Attending'  radio button.

    You are now set to send pictures from your phone!

    4) Take a picture of the first thing you can - maybe your computer monitor? Your shoe or your cat?  From the same email address you used to register with SCOA, email the photo to:  Pay attention.  Some phones give you the option to MMS - email the photo. 

    If you have done it right, a few minutes later in the photo section you will see.

    Have fun with your camera.  Use it to tell a story of the night.  If you have any questions drop me a line