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    Hey MTBers,

    Dang we had a busy ride schedule last week.  For those of you that came out, great to meet you.  It is great to see so many new faces to the group.

    Last Sunday, Mauricio took some of you to Lake Tahoe Short Notice.  While I do not see a write-up, Tahoe rocks.  If you went, drop me line with the 411.

    Last Wednesday, we hit Chantry Flats to stay out of the heat.  We had to move it forward for scheduling issues and the fact that they changed the timing of the road closure 8PM.  It's a great ride as it is completely underneath the canopy of the canyon.  The narrow, rocky and sometimes steep single-track keeps you on your toes the whole ride.

    Stein led a big big ride up the Mt. Wilson Toll Road.  It had to have been almost 100 degrees when he started.  But 2:17 later he summitted.  Well done to Stevo who also summitted.  Honorable mention to Matt for taking his single-speed up the mountain to Henniger.

    Further east, Paul, Chris Walker, Eric and I started out on the Sunset Ridge Ride.  4500' was 97 degrees.  The heat and humidity had our attention but the trail and the views were amazing.  It rained all around us but not on us.  By the time we got to the bottom, the trail was tacky a welcome reprieve from the "marbles" on the top.

    Saturday, Stein led another big ride through 103 degree heat - "Backbone From Encinal Cyn Rd to Corral Cyn Rd RT"  Woof - 11 people started the run.  Robert broke his chain-stay and a handful of others had to stop early.  If you have a story about how you got to your car send it to me directly or to  Best would be if you posted at BLOGS.  

    BTW - Robert, if you haven't already drop me line and touch base.  Thanks.

    Coming Up

    All summer we have been doing an early morning Tuesday ride - informally.  Usually the rides involve a lot of climbing and a boring downhill.  We changed it up last week.  Instead of riding down the fire road, we are hitting the single-track:  1)Lower San Merrill cut-off (very close to Sunset, which is still closed) or 2) Middle San Merrill or 3) Idlehour Trail.  Technical Tuesday's is a standing ride at 7AM starting this week.  For more details, check it out Technical Tuesdays

    Adventure Movie Screenings, BBQ and (mini) bonfire! On Wednesday.  Bring your grillable grubbies, upload your favorite video to . You will need to be logged in to do so but it is free.  Also you can add your favorite YouTube video as well.  Questions drop me a line -

    Finally, we are bringing the shuttle back albeit on a smaller scale. The shuttle is for registered SCOA members only and details as to when and where will be discussed on and available on a first-come forst served basis. Please join the discussion. Membership is Free.

    Pedal on!

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