Remember all those Gas Company trucks in the canyon?

  • Ride it while you can folks.  Sullivan Canyon is getting a make over by the Gas Comapny.  CORBA is reporting that the gas company has permits to :

    • Cut, prune and otherwise impact 185 protected trees, including the removal of 31 sycamore trees "up to 50 inches in diameter and 95 feet in height";
    • altGrade a 12 foot wide road with wider turn-outs all the way up Sullivan Canyon from Queensferry to Mulholland;
    • Import 3100 cubic yards of fill and use 2100 cubic yards of in-situ cut material for the road bed;
    • Use articulated concrete mats and ungrouted rip-rap on 22 pipeline exposures and "backfill" 15 eroded sections on the road where it intersects the main stream and intermittent side streams;
    • Involve at least three excavations of 40 feet long by 15 feet wide at various depths;
    • Involve extensive brush cutting and vegetation removal, including the application of herbicides, all along the road construction and pipelines;
    • The road construction, brush clearance and tree cutting will be done first, starting September 1, 2009.
    While I am no arborist, I do know there is a lot of spray paint markings on trees, rocks and other shrubery along the trail that in my opinion makes Sullivan Canyon so appealing.  Sullivan Canyon will not be the same when they are done. . . (Be sure to find the PDF documents in the article.)
    Call to action!  Please ask the Gas Company and your public officials to suspend the project and meaningfully consult with the community BEFORE they start work.  Once they start work, the trees will be gone and it will be too late.
    They start September 1. . . Ride it while you can.
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