Canyoneering and Yin & Yang

  • This summer has been the best ever for SCOA!

    with Chris Ashford

    A weekend with possibilities 330 events since we first started and 1,600+ members and growing. While the summer isn't over, I've been looking through the pictures and now video on our website - we have come a long way baby! Many thanks to all of you for coming out and playing with SCOA and to the Co-Organizers who make this group zip.

    You should also know, we had a super successful first fully sponsored event on Wednesday - the Amazon Adventure Expedition was a huge success and they are super excited to be working with us! Also - take a minute and click on Columbia Clothing link. There is still much more to come but these successes were a long time in the making. Thanks to Samantha, Stephen, Brian and Erica for believing and encouraging SCOA along.

    Are you starting to notice that a LOT goes on with SCOA on and off the Internet? This week we have had a lot of movement in the mountain biking world. While one place opens - Mt Wilson Toll Road - another - Sullivan Canyon - Closes. If you are a mountain biker or hiker in those areas I encourage you to read both blogs but especially the one regarding Sullivan Canyon. It is going to close unless we speak up (thanks Chris).

    One of the best parts of working at SCOA is seeing all the photos and videos. This week was no exception! There are a few from the bungee jumping event that are breath taking. The ones from this weekend's Zion Canyoneering experience take the cake. Easily this was one of the most spectacular and dynamic events this year. On Saturday the "guided" up with a local outfitter to get the lay of the land. On Sunday, SCOA's own Stephen Lee hooked up the group with some secret sauce. He took the group down into places that don't see direct sunlight all year - check out the amazing photos.

    There is lots of smoke and ash on the East Side today; unless the fires burn out or there is a major wind shift, this weekend could see some unhealthy air. Use caution outdoors this weekend. Regardless of what you do, enjoy it. Don't forget to take video and pictures and upload it!

    Life well Played

    Brad, Brian, Dario Padilla, Diana Bernal, Helen Leung, Katja, Rosemary Phillips, Stein, Stephen