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    A view of our Trails

    A good friend (Peter Porras) of mine just sent me some amazing photos from the Station Fire. The focus in taking/organizing them was to share what our mountain biking and hiking places look like now. It is tragic.  El Prieto, Brown Mountain and the Ken Burtan trails, from what I can tell have been completely defoliated.

    Based in what NPR was saying this morning Chilao, Newcomb's Ranch and Mt. Wilson are next.

    Many of you know that at the beginning of 2009 the Forestry Service closed access to Chainey Trail from Markham Saddle due to a landslide. Like the Mt. Wilson Toll Road, it will take a few years to sort who will clear the slide then another few years to actually do it. Because it is closed the firefighters cannot access it to fight the fire. . .

    Anyway, based on what I am hearing from the group, no one has been hurt from SCOA and no one has lost their house! Thank goodness! Of course our hearts go out to those that have. Continued courage to the professionals out there who are risking their lives for our safety!

    Check out the photo spread!


    Please don't forget to attend tonight's meeting regarding Sullivan Canyon -

    _*Notice of Community Meeting with Southern California Gas Company
    Regarding Work on Pipelines in Sullivan Canyon*_

    West Los Angeles Municipal Building
    Second Floor Hearing Room - Room 200
    1645 Corinth Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    DATE and TIME:
    Monday, August 31, 2009

    The Brentwood Community Council ("BCC") has coordinated this meeting
    with representatives of Southern California Gas Company ("Gas Co") and
    representatives of the Office of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl in order
    to afford the residents of Brentwood and those who recreate in Sullivan
    Canyon the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns regarding
    the Gas Co's plan to temporarily close public access to the land it owns
    in Sullivan Canyon on or about Sept 1, 2009, to work on 2 natural gas


    Positive thoughts everyone. We will get through this one. It is gonna take awhile.