Getting ready for the weekend!

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    Newsletter - 01 September

    I am so ready for the weekend? What are you guys doing anything fun?Here is a last minute reminder of something coming up: Happy Hour at Hash and High in Venice. If you have never been you are missing an amazing place with spectacular views.

    Thursday we are hosting a mid-week networking event on sea kayaks in the LBC.

    It should come as no surprise one of the most happening activities within SCOA is canyoneering. The events usually fill up within 20 minutes. . . This weekend is no different. We are off to San Antonio. Check out the video.We are listening, we just scheduled a beginner's canyoneering event 19 September. You get a cool new SCOA T-shirt too!

    We just added some flying for Saturday. This event is weather and fire dependent. If you do sign up make sure you stay in tune with the website or call me for updates. Even if you cannot make the event, you can watch us fly! There is a real-time video feed, real-time GPS track, a flying chart and list of who is flying. Check it out!

    Finally, we are seeing you put up some cool photos and video at - check out Garrett Durand's Coyote Flat Expedition! Thanks Garrett and other for contributing to the SCOA Community!

    Have a great long weekend everybody!

    Brad, Brian, Dario Padilla, Diana Bernal, Helen Leung, Katja, Rosemary Phillips, Stein, Stephen