MTBing - Mt. Pinos Delivers the Goods!

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    MTB - Mt. Pinos Delivers the Goods!


    In case you missed it, we had a fantastic time at Mt. Pinos last weekend. First the weather was perfect. It wasn't too cool but it wasn't hot either. Second, it wasn't crowded at all. Not only are people not wearing white after Labor Day, apparently they aren't coming out to play either. Finally, the people that came out were awesome. Marcela came down from Santa Barbara and Scott 'n' Sara drove up from San Diego. Of course the 3F Crew was in effect!

    If you have never been to Mt. Pinos - you are missing out. There is something for everyone, really. Mt. Pinos doubles as a X-Country skiing place so there are miles and miles of hiking trails - separate from the mountain biking trails.

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    The mountain biking course is 7 miles long with about 2500 feet of elevation change. The McGill trail is unique that no matter what level of rider you are - you'll get something unique out of it. Those that can flow down the hill without touching their brakes, the rocks, logs, berms and tree branches provide the perfect playground for some sick Free - Riding and Downhill. For the rest of us, there is just enough for a challenge but not too much to overwhelm. Essentially, the faster you go the more challenging it gets. Are you super slow? It is possible to pick your way through a beginner's paradise!

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    Marcela, Paul, Dominik and Chris G caught the first load up and got 6 rides in for the day. 7 miles times 6 rides - 42 miles of amazing single-track bliss. While not everyone had the energy for 6 runs everyone got their fill.

    Camping at Chula Vista was a little like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get. In the future, if the Mt. Pinos or McGill campgrounds are open that is where we will stay.

    Sunday was more of the same MTBing heaven. We had some added spice - guests. Scott and Sara drove up from San Diego to taste the good at Mt Pinos. While the morning was full of people by 10:30 AM the riff raff were at home with a cold one watching the game. Perfect - it gave me time to put on the helmet, cleat in and barrel down the hill. I cannot wait to go back. . .

    Speaking of which - SAVE the DATE - 3/4 October.

    Here are the pictures from the day!