So you got a mountain bike - now what?

  • So you got a mountain bike, now what?

    Here are some thoughts that were pilfered from various sites on the Internet. Read them and apply them as you see fit. The most important thing is to make sure all your questions are answered preferably by a qualified professional. So. Cal. Mountain Bikers does not qualify as professional advice - think of us a 'mountain biking buddy' - but perhaps as a catalyst for deeper investigation.

    For your consideration:
    • Buy a helmet or borrow one that properly fits you. This is priority one, there are no exceptions! There are several pieces of safety equipment you can get, but aren’t necessary for the first few rides. As you progress further into the sport, you may find you require more. Equipment such as gloves, shin guards, arm braces, etc. you may look into later on.
    • Talk to your local bike shop or friends about finding local places or areas that allow bicycles on their trails. If you are uncomfortable hitting the trails right off the bat, then go out and walk them before you ride and get acclimated with them. Be sure to be aware of other riders around you and step off the path when they approach you from behind. CORBA - provides a "must attend" Free Mountain Bike Skills Clinic on the first Saturday of each month. While I have not attended it, I hear it is an incredible class - so go. It is usually on our Calendar. Go here for more info

    • Additionally, Southern California Mountain Bikers has two weekly rides designed for beginners: Tuesday Brown Mountain (depending on time of year, you *may* need lights for this event) and Thursday Morning Sullivan Canyon/Westridge Rides. Takeaway - you've got the bike get out there and ride :-)

    • Come prepared/be self-sufficient. On your first ride it isn’t necessary to have all of the equipment you will see most people carrying; however there are a few essentials: helmet, hydration pack, cell phone and tools to fix a flat.
    • Make time and keep riding. As adults our lives are busy, but adults have to play too! I have found it to be a fabulous stress reliever.
    • Again these are just some thoughts on how to begin. Look around, ask questions but most importantly - don't put it off. There are a bunch of great mountain biking groups. It doesn't matter which one you ride with but get out there and ride!