Mountain Bike Shuttles

  • Mount Wilson

    Note:: This shuttle was set up for Mount Wilson. With Angeles National Crest Highway closed - so is the shuttle to Mt. Wilson. We are working on specifics for other areas which will be available shortly.

    The Arroyo Secco District of the San Gabriel are home to some amazing mountain biking descents and cross-country terrain. The Mount Wilson Toll road descends some 4500' along epic fire road with numerous single track options along the way. If you do it right you won't pedal uphill at all. The descent from Red Box - some 3700' - is 90% single track with switch back after switch back - you won't get bored. Oh so you want to pedal? Red Box is just a gateway. Strawberry Peak is 1500' above Red Box (about) and if you are really motivated, you can ride over to Azuza ~ 25-35 miles and 5,000 to 7,000 feet of elevation gain - you cross several valleys. It is a great ride. There are too many options to list here but if you don't see what you are looking for here - ask us!

    The Plan: We provide transportation from the JPL parking lot to: Drop off locations include: Red Box, Mount Disappointment and Mount Wilson Observatory (April 1 - November 30th). Once they re-open Eaton Saddle, we will resume drop offs there too. Chalio, Charelton Flats and other places are available on request! Get off at either place depending on what type of riding or which group you want to ride with. Ride down some 5000' of amazing mountain bike vertical and back to the JPL parking lot where you can repeat the process. Some people get in 3-4 descents in a day!

    You can guide yourself down or you can link up with a mountain biking 'buddy' to show you the way down. Usually your 'buddy' will have radios and a map to help you choose your way down. Not every time slot will have a buddy. So if you want one please ask.

    Times: varied but always scheduled - see calendar Click Here.

    Cost: It varies but generally: your first run of the day will cost $20 ($15 mid-week) if you pay in advance on-line. It is $25 at the van for So.Cal. MTB members $30 for non-members. Your second run is $10 after that $5

    Duration: Red Box - the San Gabreilino Trail (West) takes about 3.5 hours to complete at a relaxed pace. Eaton Saddle is about 2.5 hours. and Mount Wilson is about 2.5 hours depending on which route you take. Keep in mind the trails off Mount Wilson do not take you directly to JPL. You will need to coordinate with your shuttle driver or guide to arrange for a pick up.

    Suggestion: If you have never ridden Mount Wilson and don't know if you are ready for single-tracks, ride the Eaton Saddle Fire road all the way down. It will give you a lay of the land for the next run.

    If I were riding, I'd take the 7:30 AM loop to Eaton Saddle. A quick ride up the fire road to the Mt Lowe Trail East - some fairly technical single track. The Mt. Lowe Trails dump you at the top of Upper Sam Merrill Trail. Ridding Upper Sam Merrill keep in mind there are hikers and other mountain bikers on the road. Upper Sam Merrill take you to the Echo Mountain 'Ruins' a very popular day hike spot. Instead of descending the rest of Sam Merrill - take the transition over to Sunset. Sunset will keep your attention to the bottom - Millard (pronounced MUH lard) Canyon. From Millard headback to JPL via El Pieto single track.

    My next loop would be the less crowded Gabrielino Trail with a stop along the way for lunch. The Gabrielino is an adventure in everything mountain biking: rock gardens, single-track, multiple stream crossings, up hills, technical downhills and switchback after switch back. It is my favorite. I recommend doing this ride with a buddy.

    My last ride would be either a Mount Wilson Toll Road ride all the way to Eaton Canyon or an Eaton Saddle Fire Road run. But that is me.

    What will I need? A bike preferably a mountain bike BUT a hybrid with wide tires and good brakes will work. You will need a helmet, patch kit, tube and clothing commiserate with the weather. Clothing you can layer works BEST. You will also want to bring a hydration pack. Eye protection is a must - it is a dirt road.

    IMPORTANT: Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, especially for those who tend to take risks. As event organizers we assume absolutely no responsibility for you or your equipment. We are simply a mountain biking “buddy”, nothing more. If you choose to participate you assume all risk involved. Also, please adhere to the following:

    • Always wear a helmet when mountain biking. This is mandatory, no exceptions.
    • Protective pads, gloves etc are recommended on more technical rides.
    • Know your limitations, and do not attempt what you are not comfortable with. Hike-a-bike is no shame.
    • Bring at least one spare tube, sunscreen, energy bars/food and enough water. Hydration packs are encouraged.
    • If you have radios, toolkit, pump/co2, or first aid kit, bring them.
    • Be familiar with and follow trail rules and etiquette.