Flatter Stomach Anyone?

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    Short and quick this week. It's all about

    taking inches off your stomach.


    wasting time with crunches. You cannot
    spot reduce your body parts. 

    Putting you into smaller clothes is going to 
    take an approach that uses the following:

    • hi-intensity circuit-style exercise that uses multiple muscle groups
    • shorter rounds of hi-intensity cardio
    • putting less food in your face
    You have to burn more calories than you're 
    putting into your body to take inches

    and yes, you do need the muscle to
    help you continue to burn fat.

    Need some direction?

    Try this Tabata Circuit. 30 seconds of each
    exercise pair for 4 rounds.

    1. Squats :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    2. Pushups :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    3. Hip Lifts :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    4. Dumbbell Rows :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    5. Side Bridge :30 Jump Rope :30 x 4 rounds
    Cardio - needs to be around a level 7-8
    on a 1-10 difficulty scale. Choose whatever
    you enjoy but remember this...

    please for the love of all things holy switch to
    something completelytotally100% different
    every 2 weeks.

    If you run then box. Ride bikes? Grab a jump rope.
    For you elliptical lovers, go for a swim.
    Switch it up.

    Cheering you on to flatter stomachs.