Are You In On These Secrets?

  • Big shout-out to Henry's Market Woodland
    and all the great people we met on

    Take notes for this week's fit-tip cuz
    we're throwing out double the info.

    We're always telling clients and friends
    that they need to drink A-LOT of water.
    Our friends at Core-Performance just
    came out with this great article on

    We urge you to take up the challenge too.


    The next bit of info is for all you crunchaholics
    out there.

    We never were big fans crunches...

    If you've experienced one of our workouts
    you know we like those pull-your-belly
    -button-in type exercises to get your
    stomach in-shape.

    Here's what Geralyn Coopersmith
    from Equinox had to say about the subject.

    "New research suggests that crunches
    actually contribute to lower back pain.
    Top fitness pros now favor plank exer-
    cises and pelvic bridges to strengthen
    core muscles."

    Learn and master basic bridges to build
    a solid stomach then challenge yourself
    with the innumerable progressions that
    core-training offers.

    Go get some rocking results.