What's Wrong with those Maniacs?

  • What's up Fit Body's,

    I was originally going to write this week's fit tip
    about Curve's, but I was on a phone consultation
    with a Fit Body Boot Camp prospect the other
    day and when she told me what happened to
    her, I freakin' lost it...

    She got hurt at another boot camp while attending
    her free 3-day trial.

    Here's what they had this poor girl do (she had never
    worked out before) :

    Run 1-mile
    Squat for her very first time with 10 pound weights.
    She only made it through 2 days of "boot camp"
    before having to go to the emergency room
    with severe back spasms.

    Okay I get it. Boot camps are supposed to kick
    your butt. However there is a smart way to do this
    and a dumb way. Unfortunately this girl experienced
    the latter.

    Not once did they---
    ask about prior exercise history
    observe her squat without weights to see if she could even handle her own body weight
    offer an alternate exercise she could do successfully
    tell her to pull her belly button in to protect her back
    She did get an earful of "Everybody does this you
    should be able to, too."

    Now I realize not everyone is going to come to Fit Body
    Boot Camp (yet, haha), but if you're going to go to
    a boot camp for the first time do these things for yourself:

    take the pressure off yourself to "kill it" the first day
    allow yourself the time to walk in place if you have to catch your breath
    let yourself take a water break if you have to
    ask the instructor to modify the exercise for you if it's too challenging for your current level of fitness (if they don't or can't do this for you, maybe you're in the wrong place)
    have fun and celebrate the fact that you took the first step and got started
    I could go on and on about this other boot camp but then
    we'd be sitting here like we were watching Godfather's
    I, II, and III.

    Feel free to pass this advice on to your friends, neighbors
    and co-workers who might be thinking about doing
    the boot camp thing. Till next time.

    Committed to your fitness success,

    John Bocobo
    Owner Santa Clarita Fit Body Boot Camp
    20724 Centre Pointe Parkway #3
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350


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