• Could it really be possible to hate treadmills
    and still have smaller thighs?


    Hybrid-Training starts Monday, July 6th at 5pm.

    If you haven’t reserved your space for this butt slimming, stomach flattening class that left one member proclaiming:
     “I lost 20 pounds! ”
           -Deborah Deming, West Hills

    You’ll hate yourself later.

    RSVP NOW by calling (818) 745-6019

    Smaller Thighs The Good To Go Fitness Way


    What is Hybrid-Training?

    It is the end of your frustration.

    The gut you’re trying to lose. Gone.
    The smaller butt and thighs you wish for. Yours.

    Finally feeling better about yourself. Done.


    Because you’ll use your arms, legs, butt, core, and muscles you didn’t know you had
    in a 40-minute workout that throws gym rules out the door.

    Forget about machines. This is all about “run what you brung.”

    Your body is the gym in Hybrid-Training.

    Class sizes are kept to 10 members and 3 instructors giving you personal attention.

    A blend of effective techniques will have you pushing, pulling, squating,

    and sprinting your way to looking better.

    It's YOUR turn!