Mt. Pinos Trail Maintenance

  • During our trip to Mt. Pinos this past weekend, I got the feeling that we should maye be giving back a little bit. We all know that California's parks and forests are down on thier luck. Many have been destroyed by fires, some will be closing due to the states budget problems, and we have already seen things like parking fee increases that foreshadow they financialy uncertain future that lies ahead.

    Mt. Pinos on the other hand is a little gem. Thank God for Mt. Pinos. It offers us mountain bikers some quality downhill, and staying (camping) there is either free or cheap. Chris Ashford has pointed out that with Mt. Wilson and Brown Mountain scortched, more and more people are hitting up the summit trail at Pinos, and its true. The results of the higher traffic are evident. The trail is deteriorating. In some places the brake bumps are a foot deep.

    So, I propose that we give back a little by doing some trail maintenance. I called the Mt. Pinos Ranger District today and asked how to make it happen. He said that that type of thing happens in the spring after the snow melts. He suggested that we wait until then to arrange a date, and that we could either volunteer to help with a scheduled maintenance day or schedule our own date.

    This will be a good way to represent our sport to the rangers out there. The summit trail is mixed use and some people (hikers/equestrians) frown on us, even though I haven't yet heard of a MTBer crashing into a hiker. Plus, if we are the ones doing maintenance, then we can make sure that the trail stays mountain bike friendly.alt

    I will definately be following up on this next year, so stay tuned.