Custom essay about "what to bring" in an adventure trip

  • Adventures, traveling and outdoor activities are on the top of my extra curriculars. That is why I decided to show up to this social networking website to share my stories and knowledge in doing these activities. Basically I am participating with these kind of stuffs because it makes me feel alive, I get to experience and involve to risky and dangerous acts which I find very exciting and it makes me see the beauty of the world. I know most of the girls do not do this kind of stuffs and I pity them. They don't know what they are missing. alt Anyway, this is my first blog so I guess I should be productive. I will share my "what to bring" materials when I do mountain climbing and can be appropriate too with other outdoor activities. I made it in a general form so most of you can relate. I did some research to write this custom essay so this list is trustworthy.


    "What to Bring" list:


    1.FOOD, ENERGY DRINK or simply WATER- Implementing these activities will surely drain your whole body. You need these stuffs to boost your energy and recharge your whole system for more action pack scenes.


    2.SIGNALING DEVICES- Examples of this are phones, whistle, mirrors etc. This is to avoid confusion to the unfamiliar area and to keep an eye to everyone too.


    3.MULTI TOOL- Examples of this are Leatherman and Swiss Knife. You can use these materials when performing first aid, shelter construction, food preparation and countless other chores.


    4.FIRST AID KIT- For safety purposes. Doing these activities includes dangerous and risky acts.


    5.GEAR UP- Be sure that your clothes from head to foot is appropriate with the activity you are implementing.