How to purchase points and RSVP

Mamma has given you a weekend pass. You have assembled the fellas and you all want to ride. The plan: drive on over and ride Mt Wilson. You know which shuttle you want to ride, take the next step and buy your ticket. You can always call the shop during normal working hours and purchase your ticket. If you catch us on the other line or after hours, why not book online? It is easy and will only take you two minutes.

1) Make sure you are logged in. If you have not registered to the site you will need to. The process is free and it only takes 2 minutes. Follow the link and follow the instructions

2) Once you are logged in, navigate to the event you'd like to attend. Find the RSVP section and note "x seats out of y purchased" and "points required." If you have enough points, and x is less than y then select "Join Event" and "Attending" and you will be added to the list.

Picture 10

3) If you do not have enough points you will need to purchase them. Under "Purchase Points" ( select a package offering enough points to attend event.

Points Packages

4) Please read carefully. Does package points meet or exceed the number of points required for the event? 5) Every item is required to be filled out before clicking checkout. 6) If your card was successfully charged, a receipt will be emailed and points added to your account. offer.

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7) With your points added, you can go to your event and "Join Event" click RSVP "Attending." 8) If you have questions or problems hit up your event leader or the admin.


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  • TheAdventureSport
    TheAdventureSport The most important action is to login. Mobile payment is up and running. We tested it with iPad and iPhone. Let us know if you have any questions.
    June 25, 2014