Enduro Fest 2015

October 24th - Silver Moc Trail Maintenance Day

The transition to Red Box is a long one on Angeles Crest Highway. Use common sense when on the highway. Keep in mind there are a LOT of motorcycles and exotic cars on the highway doing their thing. We recommend pedeling back to your car at Chilao and driving this transition to Red Box.

Red Box to Switzers

The world famous Gabrielino from Red Box to JPL is in all the mountain bike guide magazines and books as one of Mt Wilson's Classics. Due to the Station Fire of 2009, most of the Gabrielino is closed. Not all of the trail burned, however. We will ride one of it's sweetest sections from Red Box to Switzers. The top part of the trail is fast, flowy and in the shade of old-growth forest. It quickly opens into exposed trail full of baby head rocks and finishes up with tight single-track switchbacks and rolling trail into Switzers picnic area.

The transition takes riders up and out of Switzers to Angeles Crest Highway past Red Box and on the Mt Wilson Road to Eaton Saddle.

Eaton Saddle to Valley Forge Campground

The Valley Forge Trail invites riders to explore the remote but heart of the Mt Wilson mountain biking experience - the "backside" of Mt Wilson. The single-track trail is typically loose, off-camber and breath taking - for its beauty. The trail is full of switch-backs too.

Transitioning out of Valley Forge is NOT for the faint of heart. Climbing the old Rincon 4x4 Road out to Red Box, especially after a full day of riding, is suited for the stronger rider. Once at Red Box your direction will depend on where your car is. Some will head up the Mt Wilson Road to Eaton Saddle and down the "Frontside" back to their car. Others may need to pedal back to Chilao.

Beer and Pizza at the Altadena Ale House

After the ride, everyone is invited to the Altadena Ale House on Fiar Oaks to share, photos, videos and stories while enjoyig a frosty cold adult beverage for riders 21 and over. Altadena Ale and Wine House

Remember to bring your phone, GPS and GoPros to share your experiences with your fellow riders!


This is event is free and open to all who desire to participate in the challenge. As such you will be reguired to manage logistics of getting from place to place. Chilao, the starting point of the ride is over 45 miles up Angeles Crest Highway. Expect to purchase and display an Adventure Pass throughout the day. The National Forestry Service has been very suportive of mountain bikers, lets return the favor by doing our part with the Adventure Pass. Passes can be purchased at your favorite outdoor outlet or at select locations on the mountain. If you do not display a valid pass, you will receive a $5.00 ticket from the ranger. Please - plan ahead.

  • Please help with trail work on October 24th - click here to sign up.
  • Please let us know you are coming by RSVPing  here . The event is FREE!
  • If you are interested in using the SCOA Shuttle, please RSVP here.  The fee is $40/rider.  Seating is limited.  Once we are full - 'nuff said.

There are few resources on the mountain to support mountain biking. Plan on bringing in EVERYTHING you might need on the trail. Some of the things you might need on the mountain include but are not limited to: clothing consistent with the weather that seems to change every half hour. You will need kit for your bike and of course food and water. Keep in mind there is no cell coverage and aside from flagging down a passing motorist on the highway, there are no bail-out options. Make sure you have a map and pre-ride as much of the ride as you can. That slick app you purchased for your phone is useless if your phone runs out of power.

The Shuttle

If you do not want the hassle of pedalling from location to location Mt Wilson MTB Adventure / SCOA Shuttle will be running all day. The fee is $40/rider. Riders will be driven from the JPL Parking lot to Christian Camp and from all the ride end points to the start points EXCEPT for the Valley Forge endpoint to Eaton Saddle.

After the Eaton Saddle drop-off for Valley Forge segment, riders will be on their own to get back to their cars at the JPL Parking lot.

Although the shuttle will have plenty of water and snacks for its passengers, please plan on being self-suffcient for the event.

RSVP for the shuttle here


  1. This event will roll rain or shine.
  2. Space on the shuttle is limited. If you want a ride, secure your spot early on SCOAOutdoors.net.
  3. All riders are requested to RSVP and sign the waiver online. This will help us keep track of which riders are where.
  4. Please bring your family and non-riding friends. They can help you with logistics and have fun hiking in the Angeles National Forest.

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    October 2, 2015
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    TheAdventureSport RSVP for event here - even if you aren't riding the shuttle, let us know who you are and where you are coming from - http://scoaoutdoors.net/event/16758
    October 2, 2015