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I'll get this started!

  • Officer
    November 22, 2014

    Hey, my name is Sean and a long time ago I was quite the adventurer. Now I am a high-level spinal cord injury so I will be living my mountain biking experiences through YOU. So I want to know from those of you who went on a shuttle run with us recently, how was it? Do you have any photos or video that you can upload to our SoCal Enduro & Gravity Assist Group to give me that feeling of being right there inside that helmet and on that bike cruising, pedaling, jumping, railing some trails with you guys. I truly do want to know what I am missing, so if you took pictures or have video you can insert it into your post letting me see and read how your day went from pick up to saying thanks and see you again shortly!

    Thanks, it will be appreciated,
    Sean Kelley

    Me and Brodie on a hike