DARKSIDE Mt Wilson DH MTB (Winter Creek) SCOA shuttle Jan 18, 2015

Posted by TommyHuynh562
Make sure to change settings to 1080P HD Edited video of Mt Wilson “DARKSIDE” (Wintercreek). This was my 2nd time riding Darkside, it was different this time without the pouring rain. The trail seems way shorter than Mt Lowe (Eaton Saddle). Its hard to say which I like more, they are so different. If you like a longer ride and don't mind exposure, go Frontside (Mt Lowe Eaton Saddle) but if you prefer less climbing and want a shorter DH run do the darkside. Kevin hit a tree pretty hard trying to dodge me. I had a couple falls too, the trails aren’t stable at the edges. Darkside is very flowy, you can get some good speed but be careful the trail is a little loose. I PR’d Skyline Rock Garden 0.6 mi, -15.4% (Strava time 3:10, 10th place overall). We took the 9:30 am SCOA shuttle, rode with Kevin, Chau, Pwe, Jason, Edit and Eric. Alex guided us down. Trails ridden: Winter Creek (Upper Section) 2.5 mi, -16.6% Mt Wilson DH (first half) 2.2 mi, -15.9% Lower Winter Creek 1.5 mi, -10% (only climb) Winter Creek to Parking Lot 0.5 mi, 11.3% Grandview Sprint (DH on road) 3.3 mi, -7.5%
Posted January 20, 2015
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