Mt Lowe / Mt Wilson "FRONTSIDE" DH MTB Jan 25, 2015 SCOA Shuttle

Posted by TommyHuynh562
Make sure to change settings to 1080P HD Edited video of Mt Lowe / Mt Wilson “FRONTSIDE”. Took the 8am SCOA DH Shuttle with Kevin, Rick and Jason. We had Santa Ana winds so it was a little windy, hot and dry. Jason got a flat on the climb up to Top Section so we didn’t run into him again until El Prieto. It was a pretty bad day, Kevin crashed on Chutes, his crank arm also came off twice and I got a flat on Sunset, the gash was too big for the stans to seal so I had to throw in a tube. It was a long ride, took us 3 hrs to get back down to JPL. …but hey a bad day on the mountain bike is better than a good day sitting on my ass watching TV. Mt Lowe / Mt Wilson "FRONTSIDE" 13.4 mi trail SCOA Shuttle Drop off at Mt Lowe Railroad Trail (Elevation 5,116) 3 sections (Top, Middle and Lower) each separated by a 0.7 mi climb (climb) Mt Lowe Upper Saddle Southbound (0.7 mi 3%) (Top Section) (Echo Mtn Chutes 3.6 mi and Sam Merrill 2.4 mi) (climb) Cross over to Sunset (0.7 mi, 6%) (Middle Section) 3 Sunset DH trails 2.4 mi, -10% (climb) Brown Mtn Truck Trail (0.7 mi, -7%) (Lower Section)El Prieto DH Trail 1.7 mi, -8%
Posted January 27, 2015
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