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Mt Wilson Downhill Ride (01-12-15)

Posted by dirtdiggler
I think this is my 3rd downhill ride in the past few months. I can never get enough of this. I wish I can shuttle more than time allows me but oh well .. guess just have to enjoy it when I'm out here. A buddy and I took the 6AM shuttle a few days ago. Weather and trail was great. Footages are all downhill from Mt Lowe (East or West trail ... not sure, I always get confused) to Sam Merril and to Sunset trail. I skipped the wash footages .. ha..ha..ha. Chickened out and walked it! We rode the whoop de doo trail to Millard and then El Prieto but I ran out of battery and my cam got wet at El Prieto .. so no footages on those ... :-( boooooo! Overall ... awesome ride.
Posted January 14, 2015 - Filed in MTB Enduro | DH | XC
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  • TheAdventureSport
    TheAdventureSport Thanks for sharing the video. We are here everyday. Come join us when your schedule permits. You should definitely consider moving down so you can ride everyday. Life it short right?
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  • dirtdiggler
    dirtdiggler Yes I agree, life is too short ... and I'm not getting any younger ... LoL! Moving is out of the question but we can definitely drive there. We will be definitely be using more of your shuttle services. Thanks! Would love to explore the back side of Mt Wilson. :-)
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