Sunshine and shuttles - finally!

  • Sunshine and shuttles - finally!

    Finally some sunshine!  Where you can see the ground the tackiness is amazing.  You may have to ride off the top a little as there is quite a bit of snow on top. Since many of you like the snow, we will be running from JPL to Red Box, until further notice. The Red Box Road from SR-2 to the Observatory is closed to the general public.

    At Red Box you have a choice.  If you are feeling adventurous, head down the Gabrielino to Switzers then JPL.  We have heard of multiple down trees, a few washouts, and of course, there is water in the streams.  Use good judgment!
    Alternatively, you can ride up Red Box Road to Eaton Saddle.  Tuesday it snowed to the Merrill Ruins.  The High on the mountain today was 41.  The snow and ice will be there over the weekend.  Regardless, looking forward to seeing you on the mountain this weekend!

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