Trail Work Sunday

  •  MWBA Trail Work Day

    This winter has been something else weatherwise.  It is a blessing and a curse - right?   Our water reservoirs are full and ready to serve our communities.  Our trails have taken a beating.  The optimists point out, the new features in our trail system.  The Conservationists point out, we need to perform some cleanup and basic maintenance.

    Will you join us on Sunday for a trail work day on Sunset?   MWBA is hosting the event.  They need as many volunteers as possible.  Please consider taking a few hours out of your weekend to give back to the mountain we enjoy so much.  If digging this weekend is not possible, consider a $50 donation to ensure the effort continues in your absence!  MWBA is a non-profit.  Your money will go a long way for tools and food on the trail.


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